As we listen always that any religious fanatics define that wealth is against god’s will and any god’s believers want to heaven they must be shunned wealth, the only path to go heaven is not yearn for material possessions, especially money and we have to live a simple life, and apart from this holy bible is full of people with wealth.


This is not only spiritual wealth but also material wealth, so I will discuss about some people who are rich in terms of wealth in the bible.

1.Abraham: Abraham is known as patriarch of church, and he is also known as the friend of God according to james 2:23. in genesis 13:2 abraham is considered as rich in gold, silver and cattle. He was very rich in those times, whenever Abraham confess his faith to lord, his possessions became even greater. In the genesis 24:1it is said that god continue to bless him in many ways. Abraham continued to accumulate his wealth upto the point that he has to separate from his nephew because of the separation of land between them.

Issac: issac is son of Abraham and he was also bless with wealth. During his time, he continued to leave a prosperous life. In genesis 26:12 he was able to plant and harvest 100 times more than other people his wealth became jealousy of philistine that it came to point when he was forced to leave his land. Even in face of uncertainty, Isaac continue to receive blessing no matter where he went. Issac was rich because he inherited wealth from his father and after that he took to increase it and in genesis 26:16 god said him that I am god of your father Abraham,
do not afraid I am with you, I will bless you I will increase your number of your descendants.

3. Job: in the book of job in the old days, he was described to be a righteous man. He was described as most illustrious man in the world. Because of his vast material possessions, in spite of his personal conflict, he showed his immense loyalty to god, he was given richness which surpassed what he previously owned, he remained steadfast in his beliefs even through he faced many challenges. he held and early record for richest man in the hemisphere a record he apparently broke.

4. Solomon: if there is any bible character that would be easily associated with richness and wealth, that Is Solomon. He was not only known as the wise king, but also a man who lived with enormous
possession, it was said that he had so many gold in his possessions to the point that silver lost its
values. His wealth was so legendry so the people up to this time are looking for his hidden treasure.
There are speculation that lineage of the infamous Templar knight found the treasure that was hidden and protected them.

5.David: he is often associated with Goliath and their epic battle where the small child defeated the giant with a shot. But like a Solomon david live his life in prosperity, because of his faith in god. The amount of wealth he possessed was written in the book of plasms.it was also proclaimed that righteous would still prosper in the midst of femine. This was exactly happened with david and his breathen.it was said that david enjoyed a life of prosperity blessed with wealth and honor and died after living a life full of containment.

6.Joseph: he was a wealthy man who became a victim of envy. He was a humble person in spite of his wealthness, at the age of 30 he became 2 in command of the country of Egypt. He was able to
amass his wealth by selling grains. he was blessed not only with , but also with economic outlook that he was able to see his future and save his country. story of joseph is one of most famous rags to rich story, joseph was a rich kid who sold into slavery by his brothers he ended up in jail after it he became 2nd most powerful person in india.

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