Biting tongue in sleep spiritual meaning

What does it mean when you bite your tongue while sleeping, many people are there in the world they bite their tongues, lips, or even inside of their cheeks in both action if they are awake or if they are in sleep, what biting your tongue in your sleep can have meanings, yes it is right, that span beyond science.

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Some of them simply relate this behavior to a subconscious habit many people have it. And cultures
also describe by it deeper meaning from biting your tongue in your sleep.

So what is the true meaning of biting tongue in sleep. Is it symbolize something with respect to your life? What the bible say about biting your tongue in sleep.

Biting tongue in sleep spiritual meaning

• you can be more more restless than you realize, with disturbing thought coming out while you are sleeping or dreaming, in this case we not only bite our tongue but also chew on it.

If we wake up and felt that , something more is happen with us, it can be signal that is off balance. Your concern is well justified, especially when it comes to relationship.

• If you bite your tongue while sleeping it means that some one is talking about you. In fact according to Filipino lore it is believed that picking a number form one to twenty six as soon as you realize you have been biting tongue will help you figure out who is gossiping about you.

• It is consider that number you pick correspond to a letter in the alphabet that is the first initial of the person whose talk is making your tongue In sleep is intended to alert you that some one is wagging their tongue and speaking badly behind your back.

• Another means by biting tongue in their sleep can mean that some one is being dishonest with you, if you want to be alerted that some one is deceit you your intuition can work by leading you bite your tongue in your sleep.

it is as if your intuition is telling you that someone also need to bite their tongue is reference that how they are treating you.

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• Another old tale that explains the reason for this behavior is far less negative. It is often believed that if you bite your tongue in sleep, it means someone is thinking about you. This can be interpreted as being favorable as in a love interest who has won you their mind.

how will you know if the source of your nocturnal biting of your tongue is innocent or sinister? You may not know at first. This is why it is important to look for symbols and cues that overlap.

• Your intuition may define you that someone is thinking about you through other signs and messages, biting your tongue while you are sleeping may just be the first catalyst that gets your

Bite your tongue meaning and references

If you bite your tongue In sleep , it may be divine protective presence, like a guardian angel or higher
wisdom, leading you to be still and listen rather than speaking.

If you have been reveling too much information and your words could get into trouble, you may end up biting your tongue as a way to signal that it is time to speak less and listen more, biting your tongue in sleep can be a message that you are on the brink of giving away too much information and doing it can come back to bite you so to speak.

Thus biting your tongue in sleep can be symbol that you are being directed to hold back and not use your words to retaliate against or attack other.


one of the common beliefs that belong to bitting your tongue is define that is someone is
talking about you, gossiping about you, thinking of you there are also a belief that biting tongue
consciously as a way to gain greater control over your impulse to lash out verbally.

if you biting your tongue during your sleep, it is signal that you have become to lose awareness of
what you are saying.


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