What is Guided Meditation Spirit Guide

Hey people! Today I m back with an interesting article which is based on spirit guide, yes you read it right Spirit! Now we guys are talking about spirits so something scary comes to your mind, before that let me tell you that today we will talk about spirits but your well wishers spirits.

Spirit Guide

Those who are always around you but you can’t feel them so easily . Your well wishers spirits are for your beautiful soul , basically they guide your soul against what’s right or what’s wrong. So now the thing is that you know they are present but how you can feel them around you or how you can make contact with them? Wait! I have a answer of this question. Individual can make contact with them through meditation.

Yes! Meditation which is known as a Spirit Guided Meditation. This kind of meditation is an alluring practice which helps an individual to create an intense connection to their lovable Spirit guides who are always there to support you. Your spirit guide is always present around you but you may not feel them because you may not aware of their presence.

This spirit guided meditation is something that introduces you to the reality of who you really are through your well wisher spirit. In this process you will feel a lot of happiness and love for yourself and you will also enjoy this process a lot because it will introduce you to your real you. Spiritual meditation will help you to realise reality of this world or that what is the truth of this world and what has happened will always happen and will continue to happen but you have to live in your today.


  • It helps you in unblemished your emotions and thoughts, basically it helps you to clear your misconceptions about this world.
  • By practicing this meditation regularly can relax your nervous system which helps to stimulate signals faster.
  • It helps you to release stress from your body.
  • It helps you come out of your past traumas and learn to live in today.
  • It improves your consciousness to higher level.

Some spirits are always with you and some only stay for a specific time, some only come when you interact with them for a specific purpose, some only come when you need help. So it’s all about purpose, time, need and your meditation. There are different kind of spirits present in this world, some of the following are :


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This angel is the captain angel in the world of angels and have a very powerful and divine status. They possess a very large amount of energy with them. Anyhow, If you can connect with archangels then you will feel a different energy in that room. Each of archangle have some different speciality. Like Archangel Raphael’s is called as a healing angel. They heal as many as humans at once.


You must have understood by listening to the name that it looks like a parent to us, only then it is called Guardian Angel. Everyone has their own guardian angels. These are more than one in number and they devotes their whole life only for an individual. They are your immediate assistants. They loves you infinity and unconditionally.


It might be a adorable pet you once had who passed away or it can be now part of your spiritual guidance group. Spirit animals can also be any animal that has something to guide you, like the dog teaching you the importance of love.


Loved ones or our homies who’ve passed on may choose to be one of your spirit guides and positively support you from heaven by helping you in very effective ways, like sending career opportunities or planting relationships your way.
Your grandmother plays an important role to be your spirit guide, whether you knew about them or not.


These angels are mercenary angels, who are just looking for an individual to help with a specific situations, like finding new mates or finding a new office space, etc.


Step 1. Choose a place and position wisely.

Before you start the proces you should aware of a place you choose with specific things that it should be away from noise and cleaned also. Spiritual meditation is so relaxing that it can put you into a sudden sleep, so you should choose a suitable posture in which you are comfortable but no so relaxing.

Step 2. Expertise the pattern.

What you have to do is to learn the pattern and do it so conciously. Let the process occurs it own its own way, don’t get worried just experience it.

Step 3. Concede the thoughts.

Let everything go on in your mind and analyze everything crow very deeply and enjoy the process.

Step 4. Utter a prayer.

You can utter repeatedly your favourite phrase or a word which you love to speak or it can be a mantras too or you can concentrate on your breathes during the process and it helps you to concentrate.

Step 5. Reflect it on yourself.

Concentrate to your body , your awareness and presence in a space. Become deliberate of your surroundings. Perceive how your body feels. Be watchful to your thoughts and breaths. Relax your body and stay calm. Slowly open your eyes and sit in the same position for some time. Finally come out of that meditational zone and enjoy lightness of your body


Spirit guides enter in your life through different different auspicious signs. They gives you strong signals also known as a meaningful coincidence. Spirit Guides can speak to you through number also or through number sequences like 333 or it can be your favourite or lucky number.


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Most important signs of them are dreams, and that dreams gives ideas about handling that situation. They can communicate through your well wishers also like your spirit guides can be a specific individual sometimes.



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