5 Amazing Yoga Poses for Better Balance

Standing yoga poses are not only a convenient option for stretching and strengthening during your day, but they're also fantastic for building balance and stability.

This beginner’s yoga pose is an excellent progression to standing positions, like tree pose or Warrior III. Weible likes this pose for balance because you’re much closer to the ground, and your body is immediately forced to find balance.

1. Tricky Kitty

Tree pose reminds us to engage our core muscles, specifically the obliques, in order to maintain alignment from head to foot.

2. Tree Pose

The binds in eagle pose help loosen the joints for balance and improve mobility. Weible says as people age, their balance starts to change, but poses like eagle can help prevent falls.

3. Eagle Pose

You’ll feel like a single-leg warrior once you master this challenging balance pose. But your back leg doesn’t have to be lifted crazy high.

4. Warrior III

The key to balancing in this elegant pose is to keep your hips square, even as you open the hip, Weible says. Because your arms are lifting your foot, it helps to open your chest and have a slight back bend.

5. Dancer’s Pose

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