As we listen always that any religious fanatics define that wealth is against god’s will and any god’s believers want to heaven they must be shunned wealth

1.Abraham: Abraham is known as patriarch of church, and he is also known as the friend of God according to james 2:23. in genesis 13:2 abraham is considered as rich in gold, silver and cattle.

2. Issac: issac is son of Abraham and he was also bless with wealth. During his time, he continued to leave a prosperous life.

3. Job: in the book of job in the old days, he was described to be a righteous man. He was described as most illustrious man in the world.

4. Solomon: if there is any bible character that would be easily associated with richness and wealth, that Is Solomon. He was not only known as the wise king, but also a man who lived with enormous

5.David: he is often associated with Goliath and their epic battle where the small child defeated the giant with a shot. But like a Solomon david live his life in prosperity,

6.Joseph: he was a wealthy man who became a victim of envy. He was a humble person in spite of his wealthness, at the age of 30 he became 2 in command of the country of Egypt.

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