7 Gentle Yoga Poses to Fix Stomach Pain

Ujjayi Pranayama - Practice this yogic breathing technique as you go through the routine to calm the body and mind, helping to increase digestion

Viparita Karani - This inverted restorative pose calms your body and mind, bringing you into a parasympathetic state.

Seated Cat Cows- This gentle spinal opener gets your blood flowing and massages the colon and stomach to help speed up digestion.

Apanasana - This gentle yoga pose relieves tension in the lower back and increases peristalsis by massaging the colon with the thighs.

Gentle Spinal Twist -These gentle twists will help to increase peristalsis by massaging the right and left sides of the colon.

Supta Baddha Konasana This relaxing pose helps to improve digestion by increasing blood flow to the abdominal region, aiding in acid reflux, nausea, and poor digestion.

Embryo Pose - This relaxing pose helps to increase your parasympathetic state and massages the colon with the thighs, encouraging digestion through both peristalsis and the vagal tone.

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