8 of the best apps for sleep meditation

This app provides talks and guided meditations from teachers, mindfulness experts, and psychologists. Insight Timer adds new guided meditations every day.

Insight Timer

This app aims specifically to help people sleep. It comes with a library of sounds, music, and white noise. Relax Melodies also features guided meditation, bedtime stories, and breathing exercises.

Relax Melodies

Calm offers guided meditations, breathing exercises, and music. The app is suitable for people who are new to meditation but also has content for more advanced users.


The basis of this app is exercises that teach mindfulness and meditation. Beginners can start with a basic course that introduces them to mindfulness.


This app has themed meditations organized by type, including meditations for sleep. Instructions are clear and simple to follow.

Meditation & Relaxation

This app has three themes, sleep, nap, and focus. Pzizz uses a playlist of sounds, spoken segments, and music, which it calls dreamscapes.


The narrator of Relax & Sleep Well is hypnotherapist Glenn Harrold. The recordings guide the user through a self-hypnosis session, with background sound effects.

Relax & Sleep Well Hypnosis

This app design fits into a busy day, with themed meditations. These include getting to sleep, traveling, and facing a stressful situation.


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