Biting tongue in sleep spiritual meaning

If you bite your tongue while sleeping it means that some one is talking about you. In fact according to Filipino lore

it is believed that picking a number form one to twenty six as soon as you realize you have been biting your tongue will help you figure out who is gossiping about you.

It is consider that number you pick correspond to a letter in the alphabet that is the first initial of the person whose talk is making your tongue In sleep is intended

Another means by biting your tongue in their sleep can mean that some one is being dishonest with you, if you want to be alerted that some one is decei

Another old tale that explains the reason for this behavior is far less negative. It is often believed that if you bite your tongue in sleep, it means someone is thinking about you.

This can be interpreted as being favorable as in a love interest who has won you their mind.

Your intuition may define you that someone is thinking about you through other signs and messages, biting your tongue while you are sleeping may just be the first catalyst that gets your attention.

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