How to stop biting your tongue in your sleep

When we sleep in night we rarely bite our tongue in sleep and we have nothing to say except ouch after biting your tongue. This common problem affects mostly children but also adults.

But there are no statistics how many people bite their tongues, expert says it happens everyone from time to time.

People who bite their tongue can cause them several infections and conditions liked scalloping. So it is important to seek treatment if you find you are biting your tongue.

Bruxism: bruxism or teeth grinding and clenching is a common problem that can affect you during sleep.



Facial muscle spasms: this can also cause tongue biting during the night. This is the problem that commonly seen in children and people who have this problem are unable to control their facial and jaw muscle during sleep.

Illicit drug use: this causes extreme euphoria. It also happens to cause bruxism, can offer severe injury to the teeth and cheeks and tongue.

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