spiritual meaning of biting cat in dream

Do you own cats? Are you a cat lover in real life? If you are having a dream about cats then there is much attached to the subconscious dream.

From a spiritual symbolism, cats have been associated with the ability to see and hear things hidden.

This may be due to the fact that cats have fantastic night vision, and this enables them to adapt to different light sources.

The cat from a mythical perspective is connected to our own inner courage. In older dream dictionaries the interpretation of a cat dream is the requirement to try to understand what is in front of us.

The dream of cats can also signify a balance between two people. There are many different qualities that a cat portrays.

Therefore if you dream of a cat then this indicates that this is a strongly symbolic dream which is representative of your own independence, relaxation, the ability to see things in front of you, and finally the unconscious mind.

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