The 5 Absolute Best Stretches for Your Glutes

Tight glutes can be a result of several factors, including injury, poor posture, lack of proper warmups, muscle imbalance, or poor form when exercising.

Do this dynamic stretch as a warm-up. “It will enhance hip mobility while prepping your body for exercises like squats.”

1. Rocking Hip-to-Heel Stretch

Add this one to your dynamic warm-up, too, says Matthews. This hip mobility-boosting stretch will prep your body to move laterally for exercises like lunges or shuffles.

2. Side-to-Side Hip Shifts

Tack this onto the end of a lower-body workout, but also fit it into your routine if you regularly walk, run, hike or bike, says Matthews. It will release tension in both the glutes and hips.

3. Figure-4

This stretch isn’t just for gym rats. If you sit at a desk all day, you’re apt to feel some low back and hip pain. This move will help release that tension.

4. Half Lord of the Fishes

This variation combines hip flexion with a more controlled rotation of the hip joint for a safer stretch. The deep stretch targets all three muscles that make up the glutes.

5. Half Pigeon Variation

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