What is kundalini Meditation Guided

kundalini Meditation : In Hinduism kundalini is believed to be a kind of energy that stays in the base of your spine like a snake.

kundalini meditation

In Sanskrit Kundalini is a coiled snake. There is no specific background of this deep meditation practice but in ancient times our sages and mostly people believe that each and everyone possess a special divine energy coiled in the base of thier spine. Practitioners of this kind of meditation believe that everyone is born with energy which is deactivated and you can activate that energy with your patience and perseverance.

According to early studies kundalini is basically a spiritual physiology and a science of energy. A research institute has also been opened to conduct research on this kundalini meditation named as a Kundalini Research Institute. This institution found that individual who practice this kundalini meditation and healing meditation stimulates glandular and nervous system, gives you inner peace which makes an individual stress and anxiety free.

After performing this meditation individual also know about there capabilities ,thier abilities, their power of stability means individual realises thier full potential.

The purpose of practicing this meditation is to move energy through the body, concept based on the coiled energy at the base of the spine also known as root chakra . Energy should be realised from all 7 Chakra’s of the body and then comes out through the head where crown chakra is situated.

This kind of meditation is important to communicate between your mind and body to release mental ,physical and spiritual issues. Kundalini meditation settles you down for establishing a new rhythm of your mind and your breathes. This meditation will help you to meet your better and best version of yourself as it connects your mind and your soul with each other. Its a method to manage the stress level , tiredness , it’s just like how much time you will do you will get more relaxed that much times.

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It’s good to start with small proportions. Take it slow and easy. Choose a manageable meditation commitment so that you can perform it in a easy way. Below are the steps of basic Kundalini meditation as follows :

Step 1. Choose a specific location/place which is quiet and peaceful. Choose a distraction free place and make sure that you are comfortable with that location. Keep a bottle aside you.

Step 2. Choose your proper outfit accordingly which makes you feel comfortable. Individual outfit should be somewhat loose ,lighter and brighter in colours. Mostly people wear white, white is a symbol of peace that’s why people choose white.

Step 3. Select appropriate timings according to your schedules or you can practice it in morning so that you can plan your whole day schedule freshly. You can also do it before going to bed or you can also practice when you are free anytime of the day. You should avoid practice meditation after a heavy or big meal because your body is busy in performing digestion.

Step 4. Correct your posture and now sit accordingly, cross your legs with straight spine (back) so that you can uncoil your energy. Close your eyes softly. You can sit according to your comfort zone.

Step 5. Set timer according to your convenience. You can start it from 3 minutes and then slowly increase it to half and hour or you can choose different sets like 11 minutes ,22 minutes as such according to your goal.

Step 6. Select your mantra when you breathe then you should chant some mantra for focusing more efficiently. The purpose of recitation is to direct energy or you can simply chant when you feel stressed.

Step 7. Start to focus on your breathes that how much time you exhale or inhale and just divide your inhale – exhale into segments. Breathe through your nose everytime and if you feel any unconscious thing happening to you then stop there only.

Step 8. Feel your breathes ,how they are moving inside you and outside you.

Step 9. Take a deep breath and complete your meditation with rubbing your hand for two seconds and raise your arms in air to relax them.

Step 10. Slowly increase time of your meditation.


Benefits of learning kundalini meditation is makes you more clear about your intentions. Another benefits are as follows.

  • 1. It makes you distraction free, you can focus more efficiently.
  • 2. You can have high sense of peace
  • 3. It can bring you in a state of mindfulness.

Creates awareness in the body

  • Helps to reduce anxiety and depression.
  • Helps you to reduce stress mentally and physically.
  • Enhance your emotional balance.
  • Expands Lung capacity.
  • Improve sleeps.
  • Improve your glandular secretion.


  • Muladhara (Root Chakra)
  • Swadhisthana (The Sacral Chakra)
  • Manipura (Solar Plexus Chakra)
  • Anahata (Heart Chakra)
  • Vishuddha (Throat Chakra)
  • Ajna (Third Eye)
  • Sahasrara (Crown Chakra)

1. Root Chakra : It is first chakra which means base of life. It is symbolized by a lotus with four petals and the color red. Its direct relation is with sexual desires, laziness, sleep, attractions, lust, greed, anger, sadness, joy, trust, disgust,

2. The Sacral Chakra : This is the second chakra which means where you being established and it blocks the fear ,fear of death. It contains unconscious things.

3. Solar Plexus Chakra :It is a third chakra located above the navel. One who is successful in activating this chakra will always be happy and on focus on karma.

4. Heart Chakra : It indicates balance, peace and serenity. In Vedic Sanskrit, it “sound produced without touching two parts”. The heart chakra is located in the central channel of the spine near the heart .(Heart Chakra) is the center of lower and upper chakras.

5.Throat Chakra : It is positioned at the throat region above the clavicle bond in the center of the Larynx. When this Chakra is fully balanced, your communication skills are enhanced.

6.Third Eye : It is also known as Guru Chakra, Guru means who gives us direction in life. By the regular practice of meditation, focusing on the third eye, a yogi can achieve the state of wisdom.The third eye is located in the center of the forehead between the eyebrows.

7. Crown Chakra : Crown Chakra is pure consciousness. By reaching this chakra, a yogi understands everything and never confused in life. Crown Chakra is the symbol of higher-level Awareness of consciousness, Realization, unlimited peace.

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