What is spiritual source

In daily Life we attempt for distinct occurences of life. We all have different desires and dreams , we feel that we are chasing them, but all our dreams and desires matters nothing but distinct happening of life.

Basically the source is a occurence or happening of life, which are everlasting experiences of life. All other occurences of life dwindle with the time, but the occurrence of the source sticks forever with you. An individual’s life cut across forever with the accomplishment of the source. You will see the alike world with a distinguishable discernment’s.

Now the point is, how to connect to the spiritual source?

Your whole plan to view life changes with your perception. To attach with the source has to be the primary and the rearmost goal of life. We all have distinguishable goals in life, but we never tensed to look for the source of life.You have to be prepared to occurence the source. It’s your inner soul that makes you attach with the source.


Morning time is much better to experience the source. Morning is the period of time in which you don’t have to make an effort to establish a connection with the source.The whole cycle of life is prepared in such a way, that at some period of time your spirit level is very much increased and at some period of time your energy level decreased. Morning period of time between 3.30 am to 4.30 am, is known as ‘Brahma Muhrat’ in which your spiritual energy increase much more on its own.

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In this period of time you don’t have to do any effort because each and everything will happens on its own. All it needs from your side is only your presence there. If you are present in that moment of time then, you will notice the spiritual energy will increasing inside you and will take you to the beyond the empire of your mind. In the morning period of time, you will observe a very minimum amount thoughts and imaginations in your mind. Even the outside energy serves you the increment if you awarely choose to connect with the source. Remember , that it won’t occur on its own. You need to have a aware option to bound with the source.

You should perform it each and every day,

Although you can set a specific time to connect with the source. Before you have the experience the source and connect with the source. Your body and mind should be strengthen and prepared to meet the source. The occurrence of connecting with the source is such a beautiful meeting and it just like to alter the cycle of life. When the new born baby take birth , the life energy works in a cycle that takes round in the supervision of the body, but when you choose to bound with the source, the same life energy turns ingoing and moves in the contrasting direction.

This means the life energy that moves into the body, at the time of birth, turns into the opposite direction and gets separated from the body while connecting with the source. When you choose to connect with the source, you don’t remain a performer, rather you become an spectator of life.

In the outside world, we remain so busy in life, that we don’t know any life occurence, which can be occur without doing anything. With the source, we learn the process of demonstrating life through inactivity. During the process of perceiving the source, you can settle at one side of your house and silently notice everything that happens inside you. In early morning time period, nothing will distracts you, on the contrary, the peace in the morning supports you to get connect intensely to the source.

You develop an art of noticing life. You know how life clear with the action, but while setting up connection with the source, you learn how life manifests with inactivities. When you follow the process of perceiving the source, things unfold on its own. You don’t have to make an effort to connect with the source, but you simply observe and notice that the spiritual energy is moving towards the source. When you are on the path of Percieving the source, you experience a magic in each thing every day.

Life distributes you through dishtinguiable sources. You only feel it, if you notice your life very closely at the specific moment. When you closely examine every situation and events of your life, you will observe some different ways and means through which life distributes you. Life as a complete does everything to take you inward , but there are very few individuals who are glad for the blessings they have from life. The discern master or traine can distribute you properly to connect with the source. The master or trainee is the person, who has already went through this path for himself.

Now, he knows the way that how to get the other coast. It’s not important to have a living master, but also the intellectual words from the knowledgeable being can serve you to bound more intense with the source.

The important thing on the path of Percieving the source is an administration. The wise words from the traine act as a guide which take us to our destination or which helps to achieve our goal. Generally, we live with the ideas or plans for life, and even for death, we hold our ideas. When we perceive the source, we must let drop ourselves and stay open for the highest occurence of life. It’s our own grip to the body and mind that keeps us unconnected from the highest truth of life, which is “the source”.

The discernment of the source takes away all your ego or attitude or individual identity that you have gained over time. You also percieve the truth of the all the memories that you have collected over time.

The discernment of the source is an ultimate occurrence of life and no occurence can exceed it. The experience not only disclose the complete truth of life but also gives you the complete clarity of life.


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