Yawning Spiritual Meaning And Symbolism

Throughout your life, there are some times when you were sleepy and found yourself yawning, in other words, yawning came naturally to you without being aware of purpose behind it. In this article, we splash some light on the truth behind the spiritual meaning of yawning

What is yawning?

Yawning can be described as the process of brain cooling, according to layman’s terms. This process acts like a radiator in a car like it removes blood that is too hot from the brain and replaces it with cooler blood from the lungs and other extremities.

Here are something even more interesting fact has been shown that we tend to yawn more when it is colder. Cooler air means a cooler brain. Thus, naturally our bodies are going to take the coldest air it can get. So, when we found ourselves yawning, we are just cooling down our brains.

Yawning according to Spirituality

Many people believe that yawning is the working of a higher power. One woman has claimed that the Hebrew word for “spirit” is nishama, which is the same word for “breath”. When we are yawning, it is actually our spirit trying to relax. The same thing happens during prayer. When we pray, we are becoming closer to god or whichever higher power you worship. If you don’t pray, don’t take this to heart, this is just a suggestion for those who believe in something higher than us or God.

Health benefits of yawning

According to science, Yawning creates a unique type of neutral activity in the area of the human brain that plays a fundamental role in consciousness and self-reflection. This neutral activity has been linked to increasing social awareness and creating feelings of empathy.
Here are some benifits of yawning:

  1. Stimulates alertness and concentration
  2. Optimizes brain activity and metabolism
  3. Improves cognitive function
  4. Increases memory recall
  5. Enhances consciousness and introspection
  6. Lowers stress
  7. Relaxes every part of your body
  8. Improves voluntary muscle control
  9. Enhances athletic skills
  10. Fine-tunes your sense of time
  11. Increases empathy and social awareness
  12. Enhances pleasure and sensuality

Actually, yawning may not bring on immediate nirvana, any practice that can increase self-reflection. Empathy is a worthy one in our pursuit of wellness and spiritual connection.

Reasons to Yawn All Day Long

Of course, yawning doesn’t have to be relegated to the morning hours, at work or home. If you find yourself in conflict with another person then try stepping out of the room for a quick yawn to release tension and anxiety.

By changing your desktop pic to someone yawning—seeing a pic or even reading the word yawn can trigger a releasing yawn.
Or when you’re pissed off, nothing zaps spiritual energy like anger. Yawning is more safer and cost-effective than tossing plates into a wall.
Before meditating, use a yawn to kick-start your breathing or meditation session. And it’s time to stop labeling the tension and relieving practice of yawning as “rude.” Imbue your entire day with yawning moments of wellness and perhaps you’ll need less coffee.

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